Helge Windisch


Köln & Berlin

flaneur design developes illustrative design – artwork, illustration, visualization, graphic recording, animation, illustrative interior design.

flaneur design exists since 1995, founded after the diplome of Visual Communication at the FH Düsseldorf (1990-1995) and Ecole d’Art Marseille Luminy (1993).

In Marseille the identifying Idea about the flaneur ideology came up during my studies under the influence of the literature of Walter Benjamin and the practicing of sketching in the streets. Rambling in cities as the best Education for the Eyes. Flânerie is a practice that involves the exploration of “the interior and exterior spaces of the city”. The flâneur’s primary interest is to look at the city as an entity. I developed several concepts for cityguides and content for filmprojects dedicated to this ‚flanerie’ background.

In my Design and Conceptinal Works (all media) I focused on Illustration and Artwork as background of my creative applied services for agencies and direct clients.

2012 flaneur design began with Graphic Recording and Live Illustration.

Graphic Recording is the use of large scale imagery to lead groups and individuals towards a goal. The method is used in various processes such as meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences. This visual process is conducted by the graphic recorder.

In times of Change and Perspectives to the future all kind of organisations, firms and enterprises see the positive and important effect of visualization. As well the Live Illustration and -painting as active part of an event becomes part of the creative services of flaneur design.

Since 2016: Co-founder of the Berlin Startup Company ‚Thinkbox Berlin‘

Überall wo sich Menschen treffen, um miteinander Dinge zu erarbeiten, zu besprechen und zu planen, ist Visualisierung, bzw. Graphic Recording oder Visual Facilitation sinnvoll. Sei es in Meetings, Tagungen, Konferenzen, Seminaren, Trainings und Workshops, sei es in Lehre, Studium, Forschung und Entwicklung.

Alles Besprochene wird in Visualisierung bzw. Visuelle Protokollen in vereinfachter Form in Bild- und Textkombination festgehalten. Diese Visualisierungen und Illustrierten Mindmaps  dienen auch nach der Veranstaltung als Diskussionsgrundlage für die themenbezogenen interne Kommunikation.

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